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Bryan Blue

Bryan Blue

Business Analyst

Innovate Niagara

As a recent graduate student of the Master of Economic Development and Innovation program at the University of Waterloo, Bryan joins Innovate Niagara having experienced valuable leading-edge knowledge, tools, and approaches to address contemporary economic development challenges, with a special interest in entrepreneurship and small business development. Prior to studying at the University of Waterloo, Bryan spent three years working with the Colombian Ministry of Education as a regional project manager. As the program leader, he helped create an inspired culture of inclusion and innovative practices by developing diverse training processes, evaluations, and activities to boost the program efficiency and incite a cohesive synergy with local stakeholders to increase access to development opportunities for some of the city’s at-risk communities. He has a passion for positively contributing to the community through volunteerism with such organizations as Right to Play, Ontario Basketball, and Bryan is no stranger to the Niagara Region as he earned his undergraduate degree in Sport Management and Political Science from Brock University.

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