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William Zhou, Ryan McKay-Fleming, Suraj Srinivas

Year founded


Business description

Chalk.com provides real time data from the classroom to help schools understand what actually works. With its award winning workflow tools for teachers, Chalk.com allows teachers to truly personalize learning by better understanding every student’s individual needs. The real time data from the classroom results in rich insights for the administration to make more informed decisions.

Milestones / successes to date

Reach: 200,000 teachers, 3 million students
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How have Innovate Niagara and ihub helped you succeed?

The ihub created an environment where educators and edtech startups can collide to innovate and develop the next generation of technology in the classroom. The ihub provided Chalk.com with insights and advice into some of the issues teachers face. This has proven to be critical during our development cycle.

Being an entrepreneur means…

"Solving problems to make and shape the world into a better place.” - William Zhou