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Innovation Insights: Benefits of Getting Involved


“The essence of life is to serve others and do good.” - Aristotle


Why are so many successful people philanthropists? Is there a connection between success and giving back? In my opinion, there are endless benefits to being actively involved in your community, and I have discovered many of them from on my own community involvement experiences.

For almost two years, I was unable to secure a job because of my limited work experience. When I first applied to universities for my undergraduate degree, I had difficulty getting accepted into many institutions. I also struggled to receive achievement awards.

From then until now, things have drastically changed.

I have had success in attaining jobs that I have applied for, and have even been offered high-level full-time jobs from various organizations. When I applied for graduate school, I was offered acceptance into both competitive programs.

On top of this, I have had the honour of being a recipient of the Volunteer Recognition Award from the City of St. Catharines. I have also received the Aboriginal Achievement Award, Community Volunteer Award, and the Spirit of Brock Award from Brock University.

Why did things drastically change for me? I became actively involved in the community.

Community involvement provides an opportunity to build valuable work experience, and strengthen professional development and career advancement skills.Through experiential learning, an individual can improve, perfect and add to their current skill sets. On top of this, it prepares you for potential future opportunities whether that be a scholarship, an award, or even a graduate program application.

In addition to benefiting your career, many studies suggest that community involvement can also improve mental health, holistic wellness, and offer a sense of purpose.


I feel that there is a false perception that community service only benefits the people in need. I believe it actually benefits the volunteer, donor, or supporter just as much, if not more, and that any form of community service can positively impact you, the organization you are helping, and their cause/social impact.

In May of 2017, after a few months of having a difficult time trying to find ways that I could get involved in the community; and after working and volunteering at Niagara Furniture Bank as their marketing coordinator for 2 years, I realized that there is a huge void between individuals and charities - they have a hard time connecting. I want to solve this problem in hopes that I can make a tremendous impact on my community, and hopefully Canadian society by easily connecting individuals and charities.

HeroHub is my start-up company that will be launching in the Fall of 2018. It is an online platform that connects individuals to charities and their opportunities. Go to www.herohub.ca to find an organization that aligns with your interests and an opportunity that benefits you too.


Chipewyan “Chip” McCrimmon was a participant of the Kick Starting Entrepreneurship Program in 2016 and is currently working out of BioLinc at Brock University on his business, HeroHub. Chip holds a BA in Political Science from Brock University and in September, he will be attending Queen’s University for the Master of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.

Chipewyan McCrimmon, BA
LinkedIn: Chip McCrimmon


Chip is an alumni of BioLinc’s Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship (KSE) program, a program where young entrepreneurs can growth their early-stage business ideas. Applications are now open for the 2018-19 cohort of the KSE program, visit brocku.ca/biolinc/kse for more information.

This article originally appeared in Business Link Niagara