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Innovation Insights: Innovate Niagara - Powering What’s Next - innovate niagara

Innovation Insights: Innovate Niagara - Powering What’s Next


"Through Innovate Niagara, we’ve had free access to seminars and workshops, which lucky for us, seemed to be timed perfectly for our milestones."


Are you ready to start or grow your business? Innovate Niagara is here to support you!

We’ll get your innovative business growing with all the tools and resources you need at any stage of development. Becoming a client is free and gives you access to our knowledgeable and experienced team of business analysts and executives-in-residence; networking and entrepreneurial training opportunities at little or no cost to you; a network of trusted service providers; special programming opportunities; and our network of industry-specific business incubators.

Our mission is clear: we exist to support innovative entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of industries start, grow and thrive. Are you an entrepreneur? Here’s how we can help you:

Business Advice & Mentorship
Meet with business advisors and executives-in-residence to develop a strategic plan for success. Receive support identifying and accessing funding sources to boost your new or existing business.

Enhance your entrepreneurial skills with specialized training workshops, courses and events.

Market Intelligence
Access industry-leading reports on your target market; industry and tech trends; and market size and forecasts to make informed decisions.

Connect & Collaborate
Expand your network and discover collaboration opportunities with other companies, and educational and industry partners.

Service Provider Network
Access our trusted network of service providers to develop your business – legal, accounting, marketing, financial services, etc.

Network of Incubators
Access industry-specific business incubators with state-of-the-art equipment, workspaces, and collaborative opportunities.

The impact these resources and experiences make on our clients excites us. Sharon Reeds, co-founder of Intuitive Shipping, and Tony Walsh, principal founder of TENKO, share how they have driven their businesses forward taking advantage of various resources Innovate Niagara offers:

"The entrepreneurial journey is new to us, and Innovate Niagara has provided us with the mentorship, courses, and access to funding that has proven to be beneficial to our growth. Through Innovate Niagara, we’ve had free access to seminars and workshops, which lucky for us, seemed to be timed perfectly for our milestones. Because the education was in direct reflection of our knowledge gaps, I was able to ask extremely specific questions to the facilitators, which directly impacted the decisions we made to propel Intuitive Shipping forward." - Sharon Reeds, Co-founder, Intuitive Shipping

"Innovate Niagara has been a consistent collaborator, helping TENKO's principals to refine and focus the TENKO value proposition as well as its products and services. TENKO has benefited immensely from Innovate Niagara's hands-on consultation, market research and from exposure to both local and international contacts." - Tony Walsh, Principal Founder, TENKO

Our diverse and passionate team understands what it takes to grow a successful business, and we have the expertise and connections to guide you there. Meet with us to find out how we can help your business succeed.

Interested in meeting with us or registering for upcoming workshops to support your entrepreneurial journey? Visit InnovateNiagara.com.


Catherine Rice is the Outreach & Communications Coordinator at Innovate Niagara.


This article originally appeared in Business Link Niagara.