Innovate Niagara



Innovate Niagara offers a variety of programs and services to assist innovative companies and entrepreneurs in their business development.  

Expert coaching and mentorship services are available, from the most appropriate resources in the Region for you, to help penetrate the market and accelerate business growth.

Advisory Services

First-time entrepreneurs, researchers, and business veterans can all benefit from the Entrepreneurial training workshops provided at little or no cost, which will sharpen skills and advance business goals.

Educational Programs


Innovate Niagara organizes events to help you connect with others to collaborate, create business deals and share experiences.

Networking opportunities


Innovate Niagara’s Roadmap helps steer innovative companies through the steps toward commercialization with resources and tools at each step of the way.

On-line tools and resources for entrepreneurs

Nos services sont aussi disponibles en français. Si vous désirez la communication en français, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à afin de rejoindre avec un de nos représentatifs.