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Educational Programs

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First-time entrepreneurs, researchers, and business veterans can all benefit from the entrepreneurial training workshops provided at little or no cost, which will sharpen skills and advance business goals.  Examples of programs Innovate Niagara delivers are:

learn@lunch Series

The learn@lunch Series is a seminar-based program designed to inform entrepreneurs and business owners about various skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the modern marketplace. Each seminar runs for an hour and a half and includes lunch making it easy for business owners to find time in their schedule to learn about various aspects of business that can help them elevate their businesses to the next level.

Each learn@lunch seminar is hosted by a different industry professional, from companies that include law and business advisory firms to networking experts, who talk about their individual area of expertise and how it relates to current business owners. This insight into the different areas of business by people who are knowledgeable in that field provides an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs attempting to start a business or to established business owners attempting to take that next step forward with their enterprise.

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SEO Training

As the business world transitions more and more towards the “e-business” model, companies without knowledge of how to effectively use e-business risk falling behind compared to their competition. With that in mind, Innovate Niagara is committed to the goal of teaching entrepreneurs how to successfully integrate e-business into their current business model.

The sessions cover the full lifecycle of starting and maintaining an e-business online, including topics such as web site design and usability, social media promotion, Google analytics, and search engine optimization. Using these tools, entrepreneurs will be able to compete and thrive in the growing e-business sector.

Entrepreneurial Training

As a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), Innovate Niagara is committed to providing entrepreneurship training to local businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. ONE network-membership allows Innovate Niagara to access training support and materials elsewhere in the network, such as the MaRS innovation and entrepreneurship materials.

The entrepreneurship training focuses on a wide range of business standards and practices. Knowing that knowledge is vital for entrepreneurs who wish to be successful in their given sector, Innovate Niagara brings in expert instructors throughout the year to run hands-on workshops on topics that are paramount to entrepreneurial success. The workshops are based on proven methodologies and cover topics such as: Value Proposition, Business Model Design, Finance Fundamentals, Marketing and Communications Strategy, the B2B Sales Process and Pitching to Investors. These programs give you the tools, mentorship and peer feedback you need as you roll up your sleeves and develop strategic components of your business. For more information on these workshops visit here.