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About us

We help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas start, grow and succeed.

Do you have an idea? Are you taking your business to the next level?

Starting and growing a company can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you avoid making major mistakes that cost time and money? How do you make sure you’re creating a product your customer will need?

Innovate Niagara provides the structure, services and resources you need to get your great idea off the ground.

Our team of experienced advisors take the guesswork out of starting and growing a tech company. We help companies in Niagara at any stage of growth bring their products to market through dedicated one-on-one mentorship, market intelligence, specialized workshops and events, and access to our trusted network.

Innovate Niagara is also home to some of Niagara’s most innovative tech companies. Our tech incubator offers a turn-key office solution so founders can focus on what’s most important: growing their company. The collaborative environment with like-minded people nurtures relationships and helps companies drive results.


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