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Principal/Founder(s) Names

Achamma Mathews, Founder and CEO

Business Description

360Growers Inc. began in 2014 with it’s flagship product 360Winery, a cloud based total business solution for wineries and vineyard management. 360Winery focuses on the needs of small and medium wineries to manage their business more effectively and profitably by providing them a 360-degree view of their business with the touch of a button.

Milestones/Successes to date

2014 - Began the product development and business

2015 - Started getting clients from Canada and Australia.

How has Innovate Niagara helped you?

As a newcomer to the Niagara region, the team of business analysts at Innovate Niagara introduced us to the industry and business associates of Niagara region which really helped us better understand our base market from the Niagara region. They also introduced us to the Venture capitalists, which is very critical for a start-up.

Their corporate workshops were extremely useful to small businesses and start-ups.

Being an entrepreneur means…

An entrepreneur is a person who is determined, ready to take risks and puts all their effort in making the business succeed. A successful entrepreneur is a person who keeps on trying to win despite facing many failures.