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Brainspace Magazine

Brainspace Magazine

Principal/Founder name(s)

Nicole Middleton

Year Founded 


Business Description

Brainspace Publishing Inc. creates interactive educational material with a strong belief that both traditional and digital education have unique benefits and mandatory presence in a child's learning. Brainspace magazine was the creation of a past teacher who wanted to bridge the gap between print and digital offerings to kids. "I had students that wanted to go beyond all the time. There is a lot of material available to children who need remedial attention, but not as much for children who excel. I think we assume they can handle textbooks and material for an older readership. And that isn't fair. They're still kids."

The award-winning magazine offers sciences, language arts, math, geography, history, art and relevant social articles. The innovative augmented reality component satisfies kids by engaging them through video/interactive content. Their intrigue drives them back to the editorial copy giving them a greater learning experience.

The small publishing company has been enjoying unexpected success with its knowledge and skills as an augmented reality designer for custom publishing projects. "Publishers are realizing the potential and the desire for video. Augmented reality is an easy add-on when brand video exists. It's a great way to tell the story and clients are understanding how powerful this tool really is. Especially for kids."

Milestones/Successes to date

2014, 2015: Best Book For Kids by Canadian Children's Book Centre
2014, 2015, 2016: Gold Medal Recipient from Parents' Choice Awards
Appearances on TVO Kids The Space; USA Today;
Toronto Star's News In Education Partner
2015 Best Newcomer award by CSME
$57K in grant funding by Canadian Periodicals Fund for Business Innovation

How has Innovate Niagara / ihub helped you achieve success so far?

Partnership in creating innovative resources for educators.
Connections with leaders in education.

Being an entrepreneur means…

Innovate Niagara's dedication to 21st Century learning and to raising the bar on education is humbling. I'm in awe of the number of companies doing incredible work to advance education. Inspiration, networking, ideation, collaboration amongst teachers and companies is thanks to ihub. They've grown a community of educators beyond the bricks and mortar of schools and are the Silicone Valley of innovation in education. Dino and Camille are so enthusiastic about the future and the potential that it's infectious. My involvement with ihub has helped us gain insight and make valuable connections with teachers and students. Our Multimedia Challenge last year with DSBN schools was a demonstration that teachers and students are ready to push the boundaries when given the opportunity. ihub offers those opportunities to push the boundaries in classrooms. It's exciting.