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Brock Interactive Arts and Sciences | The Grid

Brock Interactive Arts and Sciences | The Grid


Centre for Digital Humanities, Brock University

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The Grid is Brock University’s dedicated production, education and research space at the Generator at one that fosters the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) degree programs and community initiatives. Used for classes, promotional events and ongoing development of student and faculty projects, the Grid is a valued resource for the CDH.

How have Innovate Niagara and the Generator at one helped you succeed?

Brock University’s Strategic Mandate Agreement underscores our commitment to transdisciplinary pursuits, community partnerships and the enhancement of local technological and economical development.

As a Platinum partner, Innovate Niagara has been instrumental in supporting these mandates. Not only has it greatly facilitated and supported instructional partnerships between industry professionals teaching Brock courses at The Grid, it has provided a unique experiential education opportunity for Brock's CDH students, facilitating their onsite internship experiences alongside professionals and training with industry technology as part of the students' degree programs. Whether by giving students the chance to mingle at Digital Media Mashups, promoting projects with industry professionals for feedback, internship opportunities or classes taught in the Grid environment itself, Innovate Niagara keeps Brock connected to its valued community partners.