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Principal/Founder name(s)

Ransom Hawley and Mick Higgins

Year Founded


Business Description

Caddle is a digital marketing smartphone app and website that pays consumers for their engagement, feedback, and purchases. It enables clients to target and educate their consumers, while deriving insights, soliciting real-time feedback, and incenting purchase. It's essentially a holistic campaign, start to finish, on one platform!

Milestones / Successes to date

Partnerships with major companies such as Ferrero, General Mills, South St. Burger, Mars, Pepsi, Danone, Campbell's, and Home Hardware. In the first week of launch Caddle was the #1 trending app in the App Store and was ranked in the Top 20 Free Shopping Apps!

How has Innovate Niagara helped you?

Innovate Niagara helped turn my idea into a reality. Their incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff helped me with everything from securing funding, to legal support, to sourcing a tech company to build the platform right here in St. Catharines (Symetric Productions).

Being an entrepreneur means…

In my limited experience, being an entrepreneur means freedom to create and build something that you believe in and have a passion for. It's signing up for an adventure that challenges you, exhilarates you, and ultimately is a big part of what defines you... and at the end of the day it's more fun.