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CHAR Technologies Inc.

CHAR Technologies Inc.

Principal/Founder name(s)

Andrew White

Year Founded


Business Description

SulfaCHAR is the cost-effective, convenient and zero-waste solution to the growing $2B per year global renewable natural gas cleaning industry. With patented SulfaCHAR, toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide is filtered out of renewable natural gas, allowing these users to drastically reduce their maintenance costs. SulfaCHAR is unique – it is the only product that effectively converts hydrogen sulfide into a fertilizer supplement, and not another waste requiring disposal

Milestones/Successes to date

September 2015 - Announced financing including equity capital from a series of independent angel investors, as well as the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). 

September 2015 - Signed a letter of intent with Cleantech Capital Inc., a capital pool corporation, with respect to a proposed business combination. This funding is key to the commencement of a recently announced Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) project, with a commitment of $750,000 from SDTC.

January 2016 - Featured in University of Toronto Magazine  

January 2016 - Announced merger with Cleantech Capital Inc., enabling CHAR to meet the matching financing condition of a Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Natural Gas fund (supported by the Canadian Gas Association) grant of $750,000 to build a 1 tonne per day SulfaCHAR production unit. The merger will bring $950,000 in investment to CHAR, an additional private placement offering of $2.5M, as well as a highly focused and experienced board of directors.

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