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Charity Republic

Charity Republic

Principal/Founder name(s)

Popy Dimoulas-Graham, Founder

Year Founded


Business Description

Charity Republic promotes volunteerism and community engagement via accessible software solutions that help schools and charities manage and track student and volunteer activities. They help students graduate and obtain course credit via online and mobile tracking of requirements that were originally tracked on paper. They also help charities track and manage their volunteers, from scheduling and hour tracking to posting volunteer opportunities.

Milestones/Successes to date

- Working with over 37 school boards and universities via their education software
- Working with over 250 charities and non-profits via their volunteer management software
- Partnership with the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network and the 25 volunteer centre member organizations across the province

How has Innovate Niagara / ihub helped you achieve success so far?

Popy and her team work closely with the ihub for mentorship and support as well as to ensure the community is engaged in product development including the school community and the community at large.

Being an entrepreneur means…

You are passionate, flexible, resilient, and get uncomfortable every day.