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Code Niagara

Code Niagara


Yashvi Shah

Year Founded


Business Description

Code Niagara is an organization aimed at improving digital literacy in the Niagara region by:

1. Providing workshops on basic programming and design thinking.

2. Hosting events with industry leaders working in various fields related to computing.

3. Matching students with mentors in the industry to help them navigate their careers while in high school and moving forward.

How has Innovate Niagara helped you succeed?

Innovate Niagara has served as a strong mentorship and networking platform for Code Niagara. In addition to opportunities like the Social Enterprise Pitch Competition, where we connected with likeminded entrepreneurs, refined our pitching skills through the coaching we received prior to the event and won a financial prize, Innovate Niagara has given us personalized coaching sessions to help us with some of our greatest challenges, such as incorporation and establishing our business structure.