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Cube for Teachers

Cube for Teachers

Principal / Founder Names

Susan Kwiecien
Andrew McNamara

Business Description

Cube for Teachers is a professional sharing platform uniting educators. Together, K-12 educators are sharing valuable resources into a collaborative search engine that aligns to curriculum standards, 21st century teaching strategies and technology tools. A one-stop location for peer-vetted resources, Cube provides teachers with a voice and choice. Cube for Teachers connects teachers to resources and districts to their teachers.

Milestones / Successes to date

  • Thousands of Ontario teachers are collaborating and sharing resources
  • Over 34,000 resources shared by Ontario teachers and growing daily
  • Teacher representation from all school districts across Ontario
  • Highlighted in Ontario’s teacher magazine: Professionally Speaking
  • Over 60,000 followers via our combined social media platforms
  • Soon to enter the US market
  • Attending TECA Texas conference with the Canadian Trades Commission as one of their spotlight companies

How has Innovate Niagara helped you?

Innovate Niagara has significantly impacted our business development by providing us with guidance and insights into funding opportunities. We have also benefited from access to business advisory services and resources that have assisted us in building strategic insights.

Being an entrepreneur means...

As social entrepreneurs:

  • we are driven by our passion for equity in education;
  • we lead by example;
  • we create our own opportunities;
  • we hope to inspire others and affect a positive change in education;
  • we are driven to make a difference.