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Johnathan Holland

Year founded


Business description

Curexe helps businesses send money to their suppliers, employees or partners in other countries, in different currencies, from any mobile device.

Milestones / successes to date

Launched our product with 33 business customers sending money around the world from any mobile device. Banked $75,000 of our $1 million SEED round with a group of investors verbally stating they want to close the entire $1 million by end of year. Founder was the first Brock student to go through the Next 36 (now called NextCanada) and Curexe has secured office space at the DMZ, known as the #1 incubator in North America.

How have Innovate Niagara and BioLinc helped you succeed?

BioLinc provided the office space for the founder to work until 3am every night in a motivating environment. They consistently were there to provide suggestions and make connections and gave an all around feeling that it is possible to build something from nothing. I owe the success of Curexe to BioLinc believing in us in the early days when we were just an idea.