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EQAO Quizzer

EQAO Quizzer

Principal/Founder name(s) 

Cyrus Tehrani, Chief Academic Officer & Co-Founder
Mirella Tehrani, Co-Founder

Year Founded


Business Description

EQAO Quizzer is an on-line mathematics curriculum resource tool designed by Ontario Certified Mathematics Teachers for students and teachers. It offers students practice tools with full worked solutions to improve their math understanding, on any device, anywhere. It gives teachers the ability to quickly create their own assessments and evaluations using extensive question banks. Teachers can also track their student’s progress and grades easily with the simple to use auto-grading features. Designed for students, teachers, schools and boards to improve student learning engagement, improve student outcomes and mathematical achievement while supporting differentiated instruction. Though content focus is on mathematics the feature sets and functionality can be used for any course, grade or content and offers full flexibility for educators to create and use with their own content.

Milestones/successes to date

EQAO quizzer officially launched on January 4, 2016 after an extensive 6 month beta-testing period and design review by both teacher and student pilot user. Initially content development has been focused on content to support the provincial Grade 9 Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Mathematics Test. With plans to expand content to support the Grade 6 and Grade 3 tests. Within 5 days of launch over 200 user have registered for the site. EQAO Quizzer has launched their Twitter and Digital Mathematics and Education Technology Newsletter. Beyond just digital practice and assessment tools we want to help educators expand their Professional Learning Network and provide them with wide variety of resources, research and trends specific to education to help support their professional development as mathematics educators.

How has Innovate Niagara / ihub helped you achieve success so far?

The ability to network with like-minded Education Technology companies that are all facing the same challenges and growth path has been very valuable. Innovate Niagara & iHub feedback on product development and the focus on not just ideas but how to take those ideas and develop them into business models as well as exposure to education technology specific events, demonstrations and conferences.

Being an entrepreneur means...

Taking an idea and creating something that you nurture and grow into a product or service that brings value to the customer. It’s a journey filed with challenges, doubt, and never giving up to turn an idea or possibility into a reality with a large helping of sweat, tears and caffeine along the way. It can be a roller coaster of highs and lows but the process itself is intrinsically satisfying regardless of the challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome.