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Image Propeller Studios

Image Propeller Studios


Sandra Tournemille

Year founded


Business description

Image Propeller is a small, independent studio run by Sandra Tournemille. We help intelligent professionals, scientists, event planners and businesses of all sizes explain their complex and data-driven messages with animation and illustration.

Milestones / successes to date

Winner of CIHR's IHDCYH contest. The CHILD Study video won first place and a $5000 award in the CIHR's “IHDCYH Talks” video competition. Based on the criteria "Impact & Relevance", "Accessibility", "Innovation & Creativity", "Video Quality" and "Reach", the competition judges awarded the CHILD video an average score of 4.45/5. The video also received the highest number of online votes.

How have Innovate Niagara and the Generator at one helped you succeed?

Offering business and networking support early on in business development.

Being an entrepreneur means…

Carving a unique path in life driven by creativity and curiosity. It means being brave, persistent and diligent. Having the audacity to stick with an idea and see it through to completion.