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Iron Will Raw

Iron Will Raw


Matt Bonanno

Year founded


Business description

Iron Will Raw is a local manufacturer of premium raw pet food based in Welland, Ontario. The company selects only Canadian, locally sourced meats from federally or provincially licensed meat plants across Ontario and throughout Canada. Iron Will Raw also has a private label sector and manufacturers raw pet food for other companies in the Ontario market.

Milestones / Successes to date

Over the last 3.5 years Iron Will has grown very rapidly and is quickly becoming a recognized household brand. Iron Will Raw recently expanded from a 400 sqft production space into a new 9600 sqft location allowing for an increase of production capacity by over 500 percent. To help distribute the product, Iron Will Raw has increased retail store relationships by tripling the number of stores that stock the brand in only one year. Iron Will Raw is now available in close to 50 retail locations across Ontario and more retailers are being added weekly. Iron Will has also expanded its management team and workforce and is always looking for hardworking and dedicated team members.

How has Innovate Niagara helped you succeed?

Innovate Niagara has been very professional and courteous since Iron Will Raw was introduced almost two years ago. They have been a very big asset in the company’s success and have helped Iron Will Raw make many professional and industry connections. Innovate Niagara has facilitated opportunities including grants, seminars, relevant articles, strategic partnerships, professional mentors and even played a role in Matt Bonnano’s 2016 Entrepreneur of the year nomination. Innovate Niagara understands the struggles behind being an Entrepreneur and is always there to offer insight, leadership and lend a helping hand.