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Principal/Founder name(s)

Garrett Zimmer and Lynne Telfer 

Year Founded


Business Description 

MineGage manages the intersection of Game based learning and Minecraft in the Classroom by producing the highest quality Game based lessons and curriculum for educators to plug and play with their classes; providing integrated assessment for Minecraft worlds, making it possible for educators to clearly and easily see where learning is occurring within the game; and by supporting Educational Institutions and teachers through expert guidance on the implementation and development of Game-based learning and Minecraft in their schools.

Milestones/Successes to date 

Founded MineGage - May 2015
Incorporated Under ZoomInEd Inc. - July 2015
Completed Development of a Recreation of London England (16th Century) - Aug 2015
Began Full Development on Gr. 2 Math Quest Adventure - The Treasure of Thomas Cavendish - Sept 2015
Partnered with Ihub + GeoSpatial Niagara to Host the 1st ihub Minecraft Hackathon - Nov 2015

How has Innovate Niagara / ihub helped you achieve success so far? 

The guidance and opportunities we've been given by ihub to truly connect with and understand our target markets has been an invaluable part of the development of a product that will meet the educational needs of teachers and the FUN needs of students. Specifically the opportunities that ihub shares with us are always forthcoming and it's clear that ihub understands both our challenges and needs, as well as how best to overcome those challenges and provide whats in the best interest of the educational community.

Being an entrepreneur means… 

Haha! Well, being an entrepreneur means known and relying on your strengths but most importantly understanding and relying on the strengths of those colleagues and organizations that are around you to help you guide your business forward in a 21st century collaborative and iterative way. It's the only way to succeed. Groups like ihub are truly a boon to the entrepreneurs in the EdTech sector.