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Bob Lytle

Year founded


Business description

Do you really Know Your Customer? We do.
rel8ed.to analyzes Open and Public Data on the world around us. Gathering information from multiple sources, we create a complete and unique picture of customers for Financial Services firms, insurers, and researchers who are looking to understand more about the market and grow their business. We add predictive analytics and compelling interactive technologies to our Advanced Business Data, helping clients understand trends and the overall prospects for the companies in their portfolio.

Milestones / successes to date

January 2016: filed our first patent for Open Data decisioning
April 2016: engaged initial customer pilots
June 2016: founding business partner - Brock Centre for Business Analytics
August 2016: awarded Ontario research grant for Text Mining Analytics
November 2016: selected by AIG Insurance as one of Canada's Top Ten Innovators

How have Innovate Niagara and the Generator at one helped you succeed?

We would not be as far along in business - and maybe not in business in Canada at all - if we had not come to Innovate. As a Regional Innovation Centre, Innovate and its portfolio incubators delivered on the promise of solid business consultation, delivery of crucial business support services, and shepherding of the Startup Visa process for our founder, a US immigrant.

Here’s what we get:
A business home, filled with encouragement and challenge;
Industry, commercial, and service provider contacts;
Legitimacy in the market from Day One - a critical component of our early success;
An opportunity to give back to the centre with our unique skills;
We are surrounded by and supported by, a stellar cast of characters who are part of our extended family story. This is the stuff of business life, to enjoy who we work with and look out for each other.

Being an entrepreneur means . . .

A responsibility to make a very specific difference in the region, in the lives of the people who work for us and in the prospects of the customers we serve.Our company is heavily focused on the public good brought about by ethical use of open data. Building this company means that we have the chance to encourage the widespread release of information from local, provincial and national governments.In turn, we believe public knowledge on the workings of government is enhanced, empowering our community to make a difference in Niagara and beyond.On a more personal level, it is also a chance to implement the vision that I have had throughout my corporate career, but never got around to pursuing.Hats off to the team at Innovate Niagara for inspiring the start of new interactive technology firms right here in Niagara.