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Jason Reid

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Business Description

Safebuildings is a digital content management tool designed to host your building's essential and emergency information electronically, available to you through an app or any browser. We make your data available on any mobile device or computer faster and easier. This in turn saves time and lives, and ensures your building and its information is available to building owners; management and staff; first responders; maintenance personnel; and others management chooses to give access to.

After two decades in the safety and security industry we have applied our training and hard learned lessons to develop a tool that any responsible and accountable building owner/manager/occupant wants. We take all your buildings critical and emergency information and transfer it from the various dust covered, hidden and inaccessible storage locations to a clean, easy-to-use, highly efficient, responsive and secure content management tool that you can access from anywhere. 7 simple buttons will give you everything you need.

This data is available to all emergency services, who can access it from their mobile devices or computers. The data is available to them based on their Geo location or by scanning a secure QR code posted on your building in various locations or by entering the address into a search bar. They now instantly have access to all building emergency contacts, fire safety plan, critical  infrastructure, persons needing assistance and more. 

How has Innovate Niagara helped you succeed?

Innovate Niagara helped us clearly define our service and target market, and helped us create our marketing plan.