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Steve Black

Year founded


Business Description

TechBoomers.com is a free educational website that teaches older adults and others with limited computer skills how to use the most popular websites and apps on the Internet.

Milestones/successes to date

20% month-over-month traffic growth over 400,000 visits in November.
Over 400 library and nonprofit partners use TechBoomers.com to teach digital literacy.
Published over 1100 tutorials across 100+ courses.
Cashflow positive with small team of 5 full-timers.

How has Innovate Niagara helped you?

Innovate Niagara has provided guidance and hands-on assistance that has helped us secure multiple grants. They have also offered free access to valuable workshops on a variety of important topics that have helped our team expand our knowledge base.

Being an entrepreneur means…

To me, entrepreneurship is creating something out of nothing. It’s about taking a leap of faith towards an idea, building something, nurturing it, embracing challenges along the way, and showing the determination to let nothing stand in your way.