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The Violin Group

The Violin Group


Michael Violin

Year founded


Business description

Pursue perfection. Nothing less.
At the Violin Group, we are a dynamic team of forward-thinking individuals who fiercely strive to redefine the status quo of our industry. We are driven to surpass expectations in every project, at every turn.

"What if ... "

It was this mentality that drove Mike Violin to found The Violin Group in 2008 - and it is this same philosophy of challenging the status quo that continues to drive the company forward today.

After finding success early in his career - first as an electrician, then as a project manager - Mike Violin's penchant for design, building and creativity was left unfulfilled. So, armed with a logo consisting of a stylized version of his last name sketched on a dinner napkin, Mike set out to build a company that would operate a cut above the competition.

With decades of experience, training and know-how, The Violin Group prides itself on a tireless passion for its trade and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection - all while balancing classic principles of design with leading edge technology.

In a world where "close-enough" is often the standard, The Violin Group completes projects that break barriers, defy expectations and demonstrate a quality of work that is painstakingly precise.

At the heart of this drive for performance excellence is a team of innovative individuals who relentlessly push the company to find the smartest solutions possible. Their combined passion, experience and dedication to hard work are a reflection of the company's values and allow The Violin Group to function as more than the sum of its parts.

However, quality and craftsmanship are only part of the equation; the company also takes a zealous approach to customer service and client collaboration. Striking this perfect balance of quality and service helps The Violin Group create a custom-tailored vision for every project and leave a lasting impression that has become the company's signature.

The Violin Group has come a long way since Mike's first sketch on a dinner napkin, but his team remains committed to his original "What if" mentality. Their genuine passion for the work- and the distinct mark of precision and quality - still permeates every project The Violin Group has a hand in.

Milestones / successes to date

The first Violin Power Solutions project (136KW Solar Installation) is scheduled to be completed in Q2 2017 at the LEED certified, organic, Southbrook Winery.

The Violin Group has had many successes to date such as:
  • The installation of a distributed antenna system (DAS) and fiber-optic cabling in Canada’s most recognizable and celebrated icon, the CN Tower;
  • The Violin Group’s Telecom division was contracted to install a new wireless enhancement system at Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field – home of the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats. 

How has Innovate Niagara helped you succeed?

Innovate Niagara has played an important role in helping us decide ‘next steps’ for our company. When operating in such disruptive industries (telecom, fiber optics, and renewables) it is essential for us to have as much information as possible to make the decisions necessary to stay ahead of the curve for our clients. Innovate Niagara has also helped us optimize our online presence which will assist us in continuing to reach our goals.