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Tiny Woman Wordshop

Tiny Woman Wordshop


Dr. Christine Portier, Founder


Tiny Woman Wordshop is a Canadian company that provides interactive literacy lessons for classroom teachers, interactive language activities and board games for elementary students, and professional development for educators. Our workshops and resources are developed from extensive classroom teaching experiences and an innovative application of literacy, linguistic and literary research.

Our “total literacy” approach supports students and educators in two essential ways.

In collaboration with classroom teachers and students, we develop and produce digital and print materials to engage students in relational language concepts to deepen comprehension and develop cognition. With our interactive activities, we integrate seamlessly curriculum, pedagogy and technology. Through original music, colourful settings, and game play, students develop a dynamic literacy framework that can be transferred to all new reading, writing and media experiences.

We offer presentations, training and ongoing support for educators, including special education and ELL teachers, focusing on the relations in language that give shape to the texts we read, write and view. Our new approach incorporates the kind of cognition essential for math and science. This cognition can also be extended across literacy experiences and into other contexts as a way for students to critically inquire into the different perspectives, social issues and environmental concerns within their immediate community, the larger community and the world.


We have been providing presentations & training sessions across Ontario schools.

We published “Functions & Relation in Poetry” - a poetry instruction manual for primary through secondary educators (print and interactive eBook)

We have created literacy board games for children that support and enhance language relations and uncover exciting and new connections between French and English writing programs.

To develop our materials, we are collaborating with Core French and French Immersion teachers to create more enriching French literacy materials.


Innovate Niagara has helped us refine our business model and figure out our next steps as we develop new educational materials and services.

They have also helped us to connect with teachers, Niagara College, and educators through educational technology conferences.

(i) Our relationship with the iHub has played a large part in creating opportunities to work with teachers in the Niagara region. The iHub has offered a space for presentations and training with a dynamic group of teachers over this school year. With a focus on critical thinking with narrative, teachers from grades 1 through 10 are meeting regularly this year to develop a literacy framework and discuss ways to they will implement narrative concepts and resources to meet the learning needs of their students. In the spring we will be offering Poetry sessions and, looking ahead to the beginning of the next school year, sessions for English and French composition, using our interactive digital activities and literacy board games.

(ii) Our partnership with Niagara College, in their Research & Innovation Program, will help us create a website devoted to our exciting English and French board games.

(iii) We have joined other exhibitors at conferences, where we have been able to connect with other startup companies, learn from the experiences of other larger companies, and develop relationships with other educators.


… you have a vision, and will devote your time and energy to develop and shape that vision into something that can be shared with and understood by others. Through every step, Tiny Woman Wordshop has collaborated with teachers and students to ensure that language ideas are communicated clearly and will meet the needs of the educational community, and that all materials will engage students in their learning. Entrepreneurs may venture out on their own, but it is the integrity of their relationships that move them forward in their businesses and in their personal growth.