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Tribute Tree

Tribute Tree


  • Shawn Quait
  • Yathish Shetty
  • Praveen Kumar

Business Description

Today funeral business that serve the public do not know who most of their patrons are, and have difficulty connecting with them. This is a missed opportunity to build a deeper relationship, assess how you can help at the time of need and beyond, and use customer experience insights to create a better service. Tribute Tree helps solve these problems. Tribute Tree is the only web platform that reaches out to friends and family during funeral pre-planning, and at the time of their loss. This results in greater web traffic, more connections to those you serve, and increased revenue.


  • March 2015 - Won Brock University Blue Print Entrepreneurship Competition;
  • August 2015 - Secured first beta client, www.legacymatters.ca for preplanning module;
  • September 2015 - made into top 10 finalists for Lions Lair;
  • October 2015 - Secured paying clients on full software platform (Example: www.circleoflifecbc.com).

How Innovate Niagara helped

The business analysts at Innovate Niagara helped us refine our value proposition, gather quality market research to support our business plan, and apply for funding. They were instrumental in accelerating our success, and firmly believe we would not be where we are today without their support. Moreover there were road blocks along the way, and they helped us to navigate these road blocks.

Being an entrepreneur means

Taking risk, hardwork, dedication, lifelong learning.