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Trivium Industries

Trivium Industries


David D'Angelo-C.E.O. & Founder-Trivium Industries

Business Description

Trivium Industries is a refreshing & industry changing plastic bottle manufacturing company. Trivium is a Manufacturer of Bottles/Jars for the Skincare, Haircare, Alcohol/Beverage and Nutritional Industries. In such a competitive and challenging marketplace, Trivium has carved out a leading position servicing the small to medium sized production runs, and prototype development for established global brands. Trivium offers two unique product offerings. The primary is offering ecofriendly packaging solutions for brand owners, and the second stream is offering customized-premium traditional plastic bottles at affordable custom-mold pricing & minimum orders. Both of these sectors are niche markets, that Trivium is growing to become the premier North American supplier in. Trivium listens to the specific needs of each brand, and designs a package to meet each unique clients vision.

Innovation and Forward-Thinking are part of Trivium's Philosophy which is the reason why company has its own Research & Development facility located at Brock University's BioLinc Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario. Trivium's innovative ecofriendly plastic bottle materials include: Compostable 100% Plant Based plastics, Accelerated biodegradable plastics, bottles made from 100% already recycled plastic bottles, and more. Putting our environment first is a major company philosophy at Trivium, and the company will continue to innovative, and find more sustainable ways to package beauty, beverage & nutritional products.


Trivium Industries just completed its first year of selling packaging in its industry. Like most start-up businesses it was a challenging first year, but the year was a success. Trivium met its sales projections for its year, and acquired multiple large distributors and key brand accounts. Trivium was able to grow its team and will add 2 more jobs in 2016. The company will be at full current capacity in the first quarter of 2016, so Trivium will be investing in additional larger manufacturing production lines. The company will also be introducing an innovative packaging solution for the Wine Industry in 2016.

How Innovate Niagara has helped

Trivium cannot say enough good things about Innovate Niagara. Without Innovate Niagara's support to both Trivium and myself as an entrepreneur, Trivium would potentially not exist today. When Trivium was in the development & planning stages, Blake, Chris, Nora, Nick and the entire at Innovative Niagara, truly helped me mold my business model and provided important entrepreneurial training. This included: financial literacy seminars & sales training. These were both skills I lacked as an entrepreneur, and these seminars helped me gain the confidence and skills needed to operate my business.

I truly recommend Innovate Niagara to any new or established entrepreneur. If you are new entrepreneur, they can really help you fine-tine your business model, assist in business planning, networking and more. If you are an established entrepreneur, they also help! One way they can help is by helping you discover funding opportunities, that you may have not known your business could qualify for or grants that exist. It is a very worthwhile meeting to visit the team at Innovate Niagara!

Being an entrepreneur means…

Being entrepreneur to me means creating a unique idea or business model, that brings together resources to make it a reality. The resources include a team of individuals, the infrastructure required, and simply a way of creating value for your customer base. I believe any true entrepreneur realizes you need to be willing to work extremely long hours to get ahead of competitors in order to succeed. Passion for your business and serving your customers is a must. A willingness to learn is also important for any entrepreneur. Challenges will arise, mistakes will be made, money may be lost, but the learning from it, is most important. Perseverance is a part of any entrepreneur. It simply is the attitude to not give up, as difficult as it may get. Entrepreneurs that posses this distinct mindset, can truly can create business that can prosper & grow, and ultimately can change the world.