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Client Spotlight: Closemore - innovate niagara

Client Spotlight: Closemore


"Mentoring and introductions to Innovate Niagara’s partners that supply seed and venture capital, R&D and commercialization support will be invaluable.”

Closemore app and cloud subscription service delivers real-time consumer insights to retail automotive industry

STAT Analytics & Technology, a Niagara-based tech company, is arming auto dealerships with real-time consumer insights to better understand and connect with consumers, ultimately helping dealers close more deals.

Founder and president of STAT Analytics & Technology, Jim Kalogerakos, is driven by data. His experience as a Census Commissioner in the 1996 national census and later as a distributer of Statistics Canada data, revealed to him the sheer volume and power of data. “Data is everything,” Kalogerakos says.

In 2015, Kalogerakos founded STAT Analytics &Technology with his Chief Technology Officer, Scott Galambos. In May of this year after almost two years of R&D and testing they launched closemore, an app and cloud-based subscription service designed for sales professionals to access real-time data and insights on a consumer’s income, demographics, lifestyle, psychographic and other behavioural attributes.

It was developed exclusively for the retail automotive industry and is currently the only one of its kind. Through several strategic partnerships with American-based data suppliers, closemore provides access to over 227 million licensed drivers in the United States. The partnerships enable closemore to deliver real-time consumer profiling to better understand and engage with consumers.

“When a prospect shows up on your lot, you know virtually nothing about them,” says Kalogerakos.

With one quick scan of a consumer’s driver’s license, sales professionals have access to highly valuable and individualized insights on the consumer in front of them. They can put this information to good use by facilitating meaningful dialogue and avoid conversation that is often aimless. The data and profiles generated are 100% privacy compliant.

Kalogerakos currently has interest from a major OEM brand for a customized version of the closemore app. He is also in discussions with three automotive CRM vendors and a major online automotive marketplace. These integration partners would use an API data feed to generate millions of consumer profiles.

Kalogerakos plans to deliver access to similar powerful data to Canadian dealerships and auto groups soon.

“Innovate Niagara has been extremely helpful making introductions to other players in the industry. The retail automotive ecosystem is complicated and getting to the right people fast is critical,” says Kalogerakos. “Mentoring and introductions to Innovate Niagara’s partners that supply seed and venture capital, R&D and commercialization support will be invaluable.”

Interested to see how closemore works? Watch this!

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