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Experience Niagara’s wine country on YouTube with CorkScrewedTV - innovate niagara

Experience Niagara’s wine country on YouTube with CorkScrewedTV


While Canada continues its fight against COVID-19, CorkScrewedTV producers and co-hosts Ralph deGroot and Pat Gagliardi invite you to tour Niagara’s wine country from home. The first season of the Niagara-based series has been uploaded to CorkScrewedTV’s YouTube channel for all Canadians to enjoy.

“We’re excited to share these episodes on YouTube. It allows us to show you what we learned on our first adventure while we prepare for Season Two,” says Gagliardi.

CorkScrewedTV is a light-hearted and entertaining, yet detailed show that follows deGroot and Gagliardi, the show’s comedic hosts, as they navigate the wonderful world of wine. From grape growing and harvesting to winemaking, drinking and pairing, the hosts share their novice wine experiences with their viewers.

Season one includes thirteen 22-minute episodes. While the episodes depict a pre-COVID-19 environment, the co-hosts have interviewed winery owners to find out how they are managing during the lockdown, what accommodations they are making to keep the wine flowing, and how they plan to celebrate when the lockdown is lifted. This bonus material is shared on the show’s YouTube channel the day after each winery’s episode launches.

“I hope watching these episodes will brighten your days, enlighten your wine journey, and help make you feel normal for a while,” says deGroot.

Filming for season two is currently suspended due to the pandemic, but there’s hope filming can begin just in time for harvest season. “These extraordinary times make me value the time we spent exploring the Niagara wine region so much more,” says deGroot.

In the meantime, though, deGroot and Gagliardi are exploring ways to improve the show for an even better season two. “This has been a great opportunity for us to gather feedback from our viewers, partners and friends, and think of ways to make the next season even better,” says Gagliardi.

“Enjoy these episodes in the safety of your home, and ready yourself for when we’re all able to get out and experience Niagara’s wine country again!” says Gagliardi.

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