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Innovate Niagara welcomes shipping calculation software company to tech incubator - innovate niagara

Innovate Niagara welcomes shipping calculation software company to tech incubator


“We’re tech and we’re staying and growing in Niagara.”

Delivery Status: Delivered to 43 Church Street.

Innovate Niagara has welcomed its newest portfolio company to its tech incubator: Intuitive Shipping. This tech company delivers shipping calculation software that gives Shopify merchants the ability to charge the right price for shipping their products at checkout.

With Intuitive Shipping’s app, Shopify merchants have full control over how their shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout, giving them predictable profits in every transaction.

Intuitive Shipping works with a variety of merchants. Some of its customers include Magnolia Home, UFC, Fortnite and Washington Redskins.

Founders Joel and Sharon Reeds are growing their company rapidly. By July 2019, Intuitive Shipping’s team will have tripled in one year. The founders have hired three customer success reps and a developer, and expect to continue growing their team this year.

This summer, Intuitive Shipping will launch version two of the app. This enhanced version will offer a more robust and easier-to-use platform for its customers and a change in pricing tiers to accommodate customer needs.

“We’re always listening to merchant feedback and implementing new features that save our merchants time and money,” says Joel, chief technology officer.

Coupled with raw talent and a tech that fits a niche market, this rapid growth has been enabled by funding from several organizations. Intuitive Shipping was the successful recipient of the Ontario Centres of Excellence’s SmartStart Seed Fund, the St. Catharines Enterprise Centre’s Starter Company Plus grant and a stipend from Brock University.

“Everyone is behind what we are doing,” says Sharon, Intuitive Shipping’s CEO. “Innovate Niagara’s team is always accessible to us; we’ve received free help from people who are so beyond exceptional.”

Sharon and Joel have been accessing business advisory services from Innovate Niagara since 2017 and are passionate about driving Niagara’s tech scene forward. “We’re tech and we’re staying and growing in Niagara,” says Sharon.

“We saw the benefit to setting up our office here before we arrived, but now we’re living it. Already we have worked with other companies in the incubator. We can tap into other people’s brains to get bigger and better ideas flowing. There’s no limit to what we can achieve.”

“We’re not alone in the start-up struggle; in Innovate Niagara’s tech incubator, we have people to share it with and look to for support. We love it here.”

By Catherine Rice