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Innovation Insights: 4 Tips to Boost Team Connectivity and Productivity - innovate niagara

Innovation Insights: 4 Tips to Boost Team Connectivity and Productivity


As the year 2020 comes to an end, the idea of remote work has become more permanent for many companies and organizations due to the COVID-19 crisis. While some individuals and teams might thrive working from home, others may have experienced challenges along the way.

It is essential for teams to find ways adapt to the changes this unique circumstance has delivered the workforce to ensure work performance, productivity and team connectivity remains high. Implementing strategies to assist teams in adapting to remote work can also nurture self-motivation, creativity and overall well-being, all of which contribute to a successful team and positive business outcomes.

In this article you will find four strategies to consider implementing with your team to lead the way into 2021 with increased connectivity and productivity.

Design incentive programs

Give your team a common goal to work towards and offer an incentive to employees who meet or exceed the target identified. Get creative with incentives and introduce them often to boost employee motivation and recognize a job well done.

Recreate social interactions

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, play at work may have declined as many networking and team bonding events are cancelled or postponed, if not able to become virtual. Although it is essential to deal with the tactical side of work, try making it a priority to focus on catching up with one another about life outside of work on a regular basis. If time is available, leaders can also have individual calls with each of their team members to check in.

Use a project management system

Using a project management system and implementing it across your organization can help a team manage its tasks and deadlines effectively. But not only that, teams will likely see a boost in productivity and collaboration by keeping track of to-do lists and assigning specific tasks to team members.

Focus on maintaining purpose and potential

Keep your team’s purpose in focus by sharing data or any information available to you to show how they have impacted clients, customers or the community they serve. This can lead to increased momentum, creativity and productivity as employees see the impact their hard work is making. Ensure each team member is fully engaged by ensuring they feel like they have a clear goal.

Every team is different and will need to plan and implement strategies that work best for their organization. Reach out to your team for their input and get started on practicing different strategies to further motivate them and drive productivity.

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This article originally appeared in Business Link Niagara.