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Niagara data company gathering insights from Canadians to help entrepreneurs - innovate niagara

Niagara data company gathering insights from Canadians to help entrepreneurs


Communities across Canada have begun reopening but few, if any, are operating as they were before COVID-19 forced the closure of many businesses and community spaces.

The future impacts of these closures are still somewhat unknown. Caddle, a Niagara-based tech company, has stepped up to help Canadian entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of what the future might look like.

Caddle is a free app that allows consumers to earn cash by uploading receipts for Cash Back Rebates, answering surveys, writing reviews and offering opinions on advertisements. It’s available for both iOS and Android users.

This week Caddle launched a survey to gather insights from Canadians about topics including online shopping, curbside pick-up, social distancing, take-out/dine-in restaurants, downtown pedestrianization, road closures, public transit, etc.

"Our world is changing, and how we consume may never be the same. This research is really important to helping us understand what communities across the country think is needed in the new reality," says Ransom Hawley, CEO of Caddle.

The Caddle team designed this survey with entrepreneurs in mind. Their goal is to support businesses by offering them critical insights from a diverse panel of consumers. Businesses will be able to use the data from respondents to make more informed decisions about how to proceed and adapt to the evolving economic climate.

“There are so many heartbreaking stories, business owners are under a huge amount of stress. We feel it is our duty to use our platform to provide some insight to our fellow entrepreneurs,” says Mick Higgins, Chief Growth Officer for Caddle.

The survey is available now on the app to a maximum of 10,000 Caddle members and it’s expected that this survey will be fully redeemed by Friday, June 12.

Caddle will release a report detailing its findings in late June on its blog, and if you’re a Niagara-based business or government agency, Caddle will share a free Niagara-focused report upon request.

"We must not stand still and think that things will return to normal. It is our entrepreneurial duty to explore new ways to meet consumer demand, especially when safety is a concern like it is today," says Higgins.


Download the Caddle app here.

Learn more about Caddle here.

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