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Geospatial Niagara

Geospatial Niagara


Darren Platakis

Business Description

Geospatial Niagara is a not for profit organization that strives to promote geo-literacy and community participation through geography. We envision a Niagara in which all citizens are engaged citizens through geographic awareness and access to geospatial technologies and information. Geospatial Niagara serves as a conduit of engagement between students, citizens and organizations in order to educate and facilitate geospatial projects and outreach. By providing support and leadership to geographic educators, students and citizens, Geospatial Niagara will connect, facilitate, build, create, promote and attract a geospatial economic sector in the Niagara region.


April 2015 – treeOcode Niagara data collection officially begins

June 2015 – Geospatial Niagara receives Evergreen Canada – We Are Cities: Community Innovation Grant for treeOcode Niagara

July 2015 – Geospatial Niagara becomes profile company in ihub

November 2015 – Niagara Minecraft Project Educator Round table and Kids Hackathon

How Innovate Niagara Helped

The staff at Innovate Niagara provided the connections between Geospatial Niagara and ihub – The Educational Research and Innovation Hub. We look forward to increasing our presence in Niagara within ihub through initiatives such as the Niagara Minecraft Project to promote geo-literacy in Niagara schools. They’ve assisted in the creation of events to gather valuable information to move our mission forward.

Being an Entrepreneur Means

Being dedicated and passionate about the services you provide and seeing the bigger picture of how the work you do can lead to a more prosperous Niagara.